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N.C. THINNER manufactured and supplied by us is a perfect blend of low odour and colourless hydrocarbon solvents, aromatic solvents, glycol, esters, ketons and alcohols suitable diluents to all nitro products for reducing lacquers before they are applied by different methods. It Quickly reduces the consistency of the lacquer to the required degree and Improves film smoothness of lacquers when applied either by spray or dipping thus extending excellent finish. The Lacquer dries without blushing, resin blush, pin-holing and other surface defects.

N.C. THINNER contains highly flammable solvents. Harmful if inhaled and if absorbed through skin can cause irritation. Always use protective gloves and eye goggles when handling this product. It is highly recommended to provide proper ventilation on working area. Keep out of reach of children. If contact with skin or splash in eyes, wash with fresh water for a couple of minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. If affected by inhalation of vapour, remove to fresh air. If swallowed, call a physician immediately.

Appearance Color Transparent Liquid
Specific Gravity 0.85 +/- .02 kg/lit
Initial Boiling Point 0.2
Copper Corrosion None
Non-Aromatics 50 – 60%
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