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Recommendations during construction

Mix 1 Liter Pilot 30 T.C. with up 40 to 60 Liters of water to 80 mm Pilot emulsion in following stages:

A termicide pretreatment is a cost effective solution to protect your construction from attack against termite and can save your money in the long run.

How to use Pilot 30 T.C. ?

Stage 1: Treat the bottom surface and sides (up to 30 cm. height) of the excavations) made  for column, plinths, wall trenches and basements @ 5 Liters solution per sq. meter of surface area.             

Stage 2: Treat the refill earth on both sides of all built-up walls (approximate width 30 cm and depth 45 cm.) @ 7.5 Liters solution per sq. meter of vertical surface of substructure.

Stage 3: Treat the entire leveled surface (before laying the floor) @ 5 Liters solution per sq. meter in case of RCC basements, the treatment can start at a depth of 50 cm, ground level. Wherever pipes, wastes and conduits enter the soil, loosen the soil for a below of 15 cms. and 7.50 cms. deep and thoroughly drench it with Pilot emulsion.

Note : All application should be done when the surface is dry to facilitate better absorption.

Packing : Pilot is available in 100 Ml., 250 Ml., 500 Ml., 1 Liter., 5 Liters., 10 Liters., 25 Liters.,
& 225 Liters.

Achievement : Pilot achieved gold medal from Geneva, Switzerland for export.

Recommendation : By Institute of wood science & technology, Bangalore. By Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai.

International Quality Systems this means consistent quality. Unique 3D Hologram sticker on all products and size - Original and Genuine.

ISO 9001-2000

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