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When ever you will be making new furniture. You will purchase best quality plywood & furniture materials, but you don't forget, to us Herbal Premium Quality PILOT PLUS to apply on your valuable new plywood furniture. So you will not be repeating.

No powder falling problem arises in packed sheets of plywood, but as soon as furniture maker cuts the plywood, hardwood or water proof ply for making furniture outside atmosphere and wind effect on any plywood. Borer crumbling your valuable furniture which is creating yellow powder falling problem.

Outside atmosphere & wind effect on the plywood & hidden Borer starts their work which makes powder falling problem. So, we recommend you to apply Herbal Premium Quality Pilot Plus before making your new furniture.

Timber wood has been used in construction & furniture for centuries and widely recognized as a beautiful product but with the use of wood preservative the life of plywood and furniture can be extended substainlly.

Suitable to us on all kinds of plywood, hardwood etc., Easy to apply on wood by spraying and injecting. Treated timber can be polished stained varnished painted. Give protection against wood Borer insects and wood rotting fungus.

Make your paint Borer & Fungus free by adding pilot Plus. you may add about 250 ml. for every 2 liters of oil paint of any color including white shade it will not spoil the shade not any properties of the paint. It is herbal and hence non-ionic further no need to add turpentine and will save Paints at the end, freedom from wall infection.

Application may be brush or apply liberally with a full brush or just flood area with PILOT PLUS liquid.

Very Important
For powder falling only spray or injecting.

For the Borer ready to use. (coverage 125 to 150 sq. feet) for powder falling problem holes are naturally formed by the Borer, Inject or spray Pilot Plus through all such holes. This will put a end to the powder falling Problem. If necessary repeat the same way again.

Petronised by
Architects, Interior decorators, Carpenters and Painters.

PILOT Plus available in size 250 ml., 500ml., 1 Liter. & 5 Liters.
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