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PILOT® – Plastic Roofing Cement is an asphalt based pliable plastic roofing cement used on damp as well as dry surfaces. This is ideal for most of roof repairs and for stopping roof leakages around vents, pipes, valleys, spouts, utters, troughs, chimneys, sky lights and for rep large use of this cement is successfully made by coating it over the surface cracks of soil above mines to prevent water leakage or seepage into the mines.
PILOT® Plastic Roofing Cement stops roof-leakage, fills cracks, offers water-proof covering flexible, never cracks – stays soft and pliable as an excellent waterproof covering.
Resistant to changes in Temperature as it expands and contracts with weather. Excellent seal coat for water proof covering for built-up roofs & corrugated roofs. Repairs flashings and parapet walls as a patching mixture. Excellent for emergency leak repairs. Application is to remove dirt, dust and debris from the surface area using a hard brush or broom. Scrap off previous coating and crushed rust or wire brush the roofs.
This product is available in 1 ltr x 15 nos. 4 ltr x 4 nos per case and 25 ltr in drum pack.
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