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PILOT® - WALL PUTTY (White cement) :
PILOT® - WALL PUTTY (WHITE CEMENT): This is made from high grade material using advanced processing techniques. PILOT® - WALL PUTTY (White cement) provides perfect undercoats for the walls. Wall Putty is used as a leveler and filler for smoothing the surface of the wall. PILOT® Wall Putty is designed for the application on walls of modern houses, apartments, offices, cinema halls, hotels, schools, hospitals etc. Our Cement based Wall Putty is white in color with best covering capacity. This protects the surface similar to an umbrella protecting rain. PILOT® Cement Based Wall Putty gives tough and hard off white finish when applied with the painter’s knife. Attributes are: High coverage, good cutting properties, Super White color, Dries quickly and Easy to apply. Ideal for good filling and cutting properties.
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